Monday, January 08, 2007

When to plan? NOW

Every year, it seems, I end up doing strategic planning with a company that I met years ago - sometimes five or ten years ago. The most disturbing part of this phenomenon is that most of these companies were quite excited about strategic planning when I met them, but never followed through on the process. When I see how much more successful my ongoing clients are - the ones who are using a disciplined approach to keep their strategies alive every year - it makes me sad to think that some companies don't get the benefit of this amazing process because they just never got around to doing it. I think, maybe, some people balk and the time and money involved, but rationally, those are pocket change compared to the revenue and profit growth these companies have failed to reach. So...are you in a cycle of strategic planning right NOW? If not...what's stopping you? If you need some advice about how to clear the roadblocks from a successful strategy, please get in touch - that's why I'm here!