Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can I Fix My Strategic Plan?

Occasionally, I'll get a call from a team which has been doing strategic planning for a while on their own and are disappointed with the results. In most cases, they are just not getting value out of the time spent on the process. This is a shame, because good strategic planning usually yields excellent results for companies that approach the process with discipline.

There are a few questions I always ask, because they lead to some of the most common reasons why people have trouble with planning.

1. What strategic planning process did you use?
2. How many objectives did you set?
3. How are you tracking implementation?
4. Who did the planning?
5. Did you use an outside strategic planning facilitator?
6. How much time did you spend on the process?
7. How many market segments are you using?
8. Are you segregating your assumptions from facts?
9. How are you measuring the success of your plan?

In my next few posts, I'll discuss each of these questions, and the answers that are often warning signs that the planning process needs a major fix.

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