Friday, November 28, 2008

Strategic Planning - Great Strategic Thinking

One of the secrets of the greatest companies is their ability to communicate the essence of their strategy to every level of the organization. Not only does this result in better co-ordination and input from every employee, but it yields behaviors at the front line of the organization that reinforce the core strategy.

Obviously, a good strategic plan that is well-communicated will go a long way to making this a reality. But there is also an element of strategic thinking that exists at the top of most organizations - and is often missing at other levels.

I'm curious...does your company communicate the strategic plan to its employees? What does your company do to instill strategic thinking below the top management level? What do you think could be done to improve this at your company?


Nathan Ives said...

Hi Robert,

My company does a great job at communicating its strategic plan and direction both in written document form, through senior executive presentations at all-hands employee meetings, and in routine (weekly) communications. The substance of the strategic plan is also embodied in performance measures the results of which are routinely communicated. Finally, individual contributor, manager, and executive performance measures are aligned with the organizational goals and feedback routinely provided.

A website I routinely contribute to, StrategyDriven ( provides additional insights as to how to create such alignment within an organization. I hope you and your readers will consider visiting StrategyDriven in the near future.

All the Best,
Nathan Ives
Principal Contributor and
co-Host, StrategyDriven Podcast

Dierdra McElroy said...

After reading your blog I have this deep fear in the pit of my stomach that I have done everything wrong over the last twenty years with my tiny little company. Which probably explains why I am looking at a career change at age 42. Your expertise gave me a real 'eye opener'. Thank you!