Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Strategic Planning for Acquisitions - Team Composition

When you are evaluating an acquisition, who should be on your team? As a general rule, you should attempt to include anyone who has primary responsibility for an area affected by the acquisition. For example, if operations will be affected (and they almost always are), you will want to include the VP of Operations. Obviously, there are a few other areas that are always - or almost always - affected by an acquisition, which means that most (if not all) companies will also want the CEO, the CFO and the VP of Sales involved. If you have a VP of marketing with a strategic level of responsibility, he or she would also be a good addition to the team. In many companies, you will also want to consider including the heads of IT, Human Resources, and Technology/Engineering - depending on your industry, and the ability of the person in question to think strategically about the acquisition.

I'd be curious to hear if there are people you have included in acquisition teams in the past that aren't listed here. Do you have any experiences (good or bad) that might suggest ways you should consider team composition? Let me know!

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