Friday, December 03, 2010

Strategic Planning: The "disappearing middle" of the job market

A common question in strategic planning revolves around the strong profitability of clear, focused specialty and commodity strategies. Apparently, this is becoming a factor in the labor market, as well.
An article in The Lookout on Yahoo notes that there is a "disappearing middle" in the job market. This trend - growth in lower-tier unskilled jobs and upper-tier skilled jobs, looks suspiciously like the "saddle curve" we use to explain the profit impact of pursuing specialty and commodity strategies. Is is possible that the labor market is now coming to reflect the same specialty and commodity tendencies we have observed in other markets? An interesting question is: why has this tendency not been apparent in the past? Strategically, you should ask yourself: is my company employing specialty employees or commodity employees - and how does that fit with our strategic planning?

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